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I have been keeping and working with reptiles now for well over two decades. In this time I have gained a vast trove of valuable experience working with all various species, ranging from the smallest of Pygmy Chameleons to some of the biggest Reticulated Pythons  I have ever had the privilege to set eyes (and hands) upon.

It has been a long-held dream of mine to become a breeder but it was the birth of my son that helped me realise how precious life is and how you have to follow your dreams. So that is what I've done.


Here at Powys Pythons, our goal is not to hoard money by selling our animals to anyone who comes knocking. Our goal is to provide snakes which are well bred and of good nature. This means our snakes will be bred in smaller numbers (Good things come to those who wait). By doing this we can ensure that both snakes involved in breeding are well taken care of, are of a happy nature and have no defects in health/well being. This will allow us to continue our goal of providing the finest and most beautiful examples of Royal Python morphs.

Now for the serious talk.


A lot of time and effort has gone into this venture and the animals welfare is of the utmost importance to us so
We will not sell to anyone until YOU, the buyer, show us you will be giving our snakes a good, loving

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