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Getting Attention

Hi there, welcome to the second installment of this blog chronicling my journey from unknown hobbyist breeder to dream land.

A couple of things have happened in the past two days since my last post which I would like to share with you. I feel that they are good (small but good) examples of how a little work can pay off.

1. Get noticed!

Firstly, I decided to do a flash sale on my Facebook page. I offered my most valuable hatchling from 2018 at a reduced price for a twelve hour period. This was to primarily achieve one thing in particular, to get noticed. Now obviously, a successful breeder would like to sell every snake he/she/they produce for the maximum value that is fair for that particular animal right? Otherwise, what's the point in trying to make a go of doing this as a day job? However, this is a very early stage in my progression up the ladder so I was not going to turn down any offer of sale (to a suitable home) that came my way. It's all money that can be invested into the bigger picture at the end of the day.

The snake did not sell. This has now presented me with two positives.

Positive numero uno: That particular animal is currently still available for full asking price which, given patience, it will achieve. Therefore, it's more money in the investment pot.

Positive the second: This is the key for me. In advertising said flash sale I acquired six new followers to my Facebook page. I know that doesn't sound a lot but that's four more followers than I've achieved for the whole of 2018 up until this moment and every single follower is a potential future customer. The more potential customers I have, the more chance I have of making a sale, the more money in the investment pot.

Now I have seen other breeders on Facebook groups offering their animals for sale and when they don't get the interest, they start lowering their prices, and then lower them again. I've not seen a single flash sale post like the one I put out there before so that in itself is going to stand out from the crowd and get me noticed more. I plan on several other flash sales at undisclosed times to draw in more attention and more potential customers.

I am fortunate, I am not in a position where I need to have my snakes leaving to free up space. Time is on my side, I can sit back and wait for the right person to come along and know my snake is going to the best possible home. This also allows me all the time in the world to ensure each and every snake in my care is having the best possible upbringing. I plan to keep things that way which is where the second thing that's happened comes in to play.

2. Keep your eyes open for a bargain!

I just happened to be scrolling through Facebook at the right moment. I saw a post from someone in Wrexham (about 30 mins drive from me) offering lots of reptile equipment for sale. I noticed he was selling an eight tier rack containing five 36l RUBs and three 50l RUBs so I contacted him to see what he was asking for them. To my astonishment for the rack, tubs and all the electrics, he wanted less than £100! Needless to say I'm not going to pass up an opportunity like that so tomorrow I am driving up to collect my new purchase.

This rack, and a new one I am having delivered next Friday takes my capacity up to 25 adult Royals. Bearing in mind I have only six adult Royals at this point in time, I have a lot of space to grow into. That's not all though, I also have space in my racking for 21 hatchlings/juveniles.

Space and time are both very much on my side and as I'm sure you can tell, I plan to utilise both to my full advantage.

There is a small third thing that I am sneakily doing right this very second that you may not have noticed. By sharing these blog posts for you to read, I am increasing traffic to my website. I mean, you're on it right now! While you're here, why don't you scroll to the top of the screen, select the "contact" tab and sign up to my mailing list? I won't bombard you with spam as I only send out one email a year detailing what animals I have available. But wait, there's more! This email comes out a whole week before I advertise ANYWHERE else so you get the chance to purchase animals before they go on general sale. But wait, there's still more! Contained within this email is an exclusive code that you can quote to me when getting in contact that will give you a 10% discount on any purchase you wish to make. It's my way of saying thank you for your interest :)

Why not tell all of your snake loving friends about this fantastic deal also? The more the merrier!

If you missed the sale and were wondering what snake it was, it was this beautiful Purple Passion Ringer Male. He's 50% Het Pied too and he can be yours for £300. If you want more details, get in touch ;)

Purple Passion (Mojave Phantom) Ringer - 50% Het Pied - £300

Thanks for reading, I really appreciate each and every hit this blog gets.

All the best,


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